My First Memory Of Education Essay

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Comparative Analysis

My first memory of education is actually pre-school. I attended the Metro-Tech which is downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I don’t remember much but what I do remember is that I hated naps, loved arts and crafts, cookies and being there with my good friend Aaron. However, if we wanted to go deeper I would say my most memorable education moment was in the third grade in Mrs. Merene Class I and experienced racism for the first time. That is a school year I could never forget. It was in the 1995 and I was attending Fox Hill Elementary School in North Kansas City. It was during a food period (breakfast or lunch) and I was drinking my milk that happened to be chocolate and trying to finish it so i can get to class. A classmate walks up to me and says why are you drinking that you are already have chocolate milk. Lucky for me my school did not tolerate this and he was suspended and had to write me an apology letter. As I have already stated I attended Metro-Tech and Fox Hill Elementary. After that I moved to south Kansas City and attend West Rock Creek for 5th grade and Raytown Middle for 6th grade. Soon after we moved further south I moved to Hickman Mills School District where I attended Ervin Middle School and then to Hickman Mills Senior High School. During High School I was involved in any club that was able to get in. I was a cheerleader, and a soccer player as well as in FBLA Club which is Future Business Leaders of America. I have always been a…

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