Essay about My First Memory As Traumatizing

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Dating back to early childhood, I recall my first memory as traumatizing. This occurrence has effected how I manage through intimate relationships. It has also impacted the manner in which I parent my children. Around age 4, I witnessed domestic violence between my parents. These disputes included physical and verbal abuse between my biological father and mother. Theses instances inscribed the notion that I would never marry. I vividly remembering riding my bike in front of my home saying, “I will never get married after.” It was my held belief that all marriages involved negative and unhealthy encounters. I lied in bed with my sister sobbing while she would rub my back and say, “It is going to be okay, I have you.” Loud voices, fighting, and aggressive verbal assaults are all triggers for these childhood memories. My father, an electrical engineer, came from a middle-class family, while my mother came from a lower-class family. Married for over 40 years, they still carry traditional gender roles in their marriage. My father has always provided for our family financially, while my mother’s role was to take care of the house and ensure the children’s needs were met. We were a middle-class family who resided in a neighborhood with the principal from our elementary school and other African American professionals in Decatur, Georgia. My mother holds numerous insecurities relating to her childhood. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with undiagnosed dyslexia.…

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