The Importance Of Domestic Abuse In Schools

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Domestic abuse is something that can take place anywhere, at home, schools, educational environments, institutions, or even throughout the community. In order to help reduce the risks of abuse, it is important to spread knowledge and make others conscious and responsive to what a growing problem abuse is. When discussing the notion to spread knowledge, it is immensely imperative to begin these discussions with today’s children. School-based education programs that teach children about why violence against women and men is wrong becomes a huge aspect to helping stop the abuse cycle. In order to teach today’s children about the significance abuse shows, we must encourage school board members to adopt such programs.
Schools specifically have the
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Along with the important messages we are instilling in todays children regarding sex Ed, we would now incorporate the important message of domestic abuse along side. What is it, who is affected, where does it happen, how common is it? Abuse would not be something people can so easily ignore or dismiss. Along side the criteria we are already teaching our students, this program would include classroom-engaging activities that educators’ can prepare, organize, and participate in alongside their students. More discussions and dialogue between adults and children about the topics of abuse would take place, along with why it is essential to learn about it. Discussions would include, what to do if they know someone in an abusive situation, how can they help, who is affected by abuse, why is it important to recognize the signs? Students will have the ability to ask questions in a safe environment, participate in activities and learn skills that will forever affect their lives. The skills these children would learn, gives them the ability to benefit their own lives, then also those around them who may have not been able to receive such imperative information or …show more content…
With the availability of adding a topic into a pre-existing course, there is room to grow and develop the program with planning, a budget, and a blueprint. Long term objectives and outcomes of this program include three main goals. The first goal is to simply promote awareness, by humbly, publicly, and widely discussing the importance of violence and abuse. By removing the stigma related to the terms connected to abuse, and make abuse something people could express and help one another solve. An additional goal for this program would be to enhance the confidence with communication for all of those struggling with violence and abuse. By utilizing our first goal, we will be able to open and honestly communicate the needs of others without shame, judgment, and hostility. By removing the humiliation related to those who are suffering from abuse, there will be less anticipation for those who are desperately seeking help. Lastly, and just as importantly, this program will be incorporating the goal to create a safe place. A safe place either at school or with an outside source where we can direct the attention to the students, with the idea of creating more space within classrooms to openly discuss the risks, needs, and ways to help those suffering in violent situations, there needs to be a safe place for students who find themselves suffering and need somewhere to go, someone to talk to, and

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