Adult Abuse And Neglect

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Abuse is victimizing an individual and treating them unfairly, it can also be assaulting and ignoring an individual 's human and civil rights. It 's most likely that vulnerable adults get abused abuse due to weaknesses and sometimes not being in the right frame of mind. In this assignment I would specifically be focussing on adult abuse, there are many different categories when it comes to adult abuse such as physical abuse example punching or sexual abuse such as rape. There are many forms of abuse. It is very significant that we figure out if an individual is being abused as in most cases abuse can lead to extreme low self esteem or depression which can eventually lead to suicide.
Physical abuse is when someone knowingly and purposely hurts
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It 's failing to care for a person, failing to provide them with their basic needs in order to stay healthy. Its restricting important essential such as water, warmth, medicine etc. It is very important a person receives adequate care to insure that the person functions well throughout the day however neglect restricts this from happening. It might be hard to see and get access to an individual who is enduring this abuse. Pointers to show whether the individual is being abused could be poor personal hygiene example they might have a very bad odour coming from them, look exhausted and untidy. Missed appointments or too many appointments with the GP could be an indicator to show that person if being neglected. If the individual has too many falls then this could indicate that the individual is not receiving suitable care. BBC news released an article about Jennifer leach who complained that her father’s death was down to poor care at the hospital, Stan her father had many injuries in result of falling several times in the hospital. The fact that he fell several times shows that they service providers failed duty of care towards …show more content…
An institution is a system which is founded for professional, religious or social purposes. There are many indicators of institutional abuse such as it might be hard to get access to a person as they might be neglected and not payed attention to. Institutional abuse can be very similar to neglect since they both involve not caring about individuals or their needs. Other indicators can be that the service user might be denied support assistances which means they might not get the appropriate care they

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