Gay And Lesbian Relationships Case Study

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1. Describe the forms of violence pertaining to gay and lesbian relationships. The various forms of violence found in gay and lesbian relationships are very much similar to what is found in heterosexual relationships. In a study conducted by Gregory Greenwood et al. (2002), it was found that the most major forms of violence against gay males included sexual battering, physical battering, and psychological battering. Of the participants surveyed, it was found that five percent were sexually battered, 22 percent were physically battered, and 34 percent were psychologically battered. Sexual abuse is defined as any forced behavior intended to demean or humiliate the partner and instigate feelings of shame and vulnerability. Physical abuse includes any behavior that invokes fear into the victim and causes the victim to modify their behavior in response to an assault. Psychological abuse is any behavior that disregards a partner’s feelings as a means to control the victim. Other forms of violence among gay and lesbian relationships also include economic abuse and identity abuse. Economic abuse is defined as the use or misuse of any monetary resources of the partnership. This may include controlling the victim’s employment or using the victim’s credit cards, checks, and money without their permission. Identity …show more content…
In 2008, approximately 4.6 percent of adults over age 60 were found to experience some form of emotional abuse. While it can be difficult to identify whether an older adult is being emotionally abused, common signs will include isolation, name-calling and being treated like a child by the caretaker. Also, if an older adult is suffering from another type of abuse, it is not uncommon to see psychological and/or emotional abuse taking place as well (Gosselin, 2014, p.

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