Essay On Elder Abuse And Neglect

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Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect is a widespread problem in the United States today. In the late 70s elder abuse and neglect was recognized by the legislatures around the country to pass laws for the victims of elder mistreatment (Quinn2004). It is a known fact that family caregivers are stressed out and are taking it out on the elderly person in being cruel to their elderly family members (Quinn2004). Domestic violence and criminal behavior are some of the newest theories that are being directed toward occurring elder abuse and neglect (Quinn2004). In order to create a national policy, the national Center on Elder abuse had a group meeting in December 2001 the direction of the policy (Quinn2004). During the hearing
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Due to lack of support from the family member there was no proper care for the elderly person (Duglass2001). As there are many forms of elder abuse, such as psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. Also, neglect either by the person giving care as well as the elderly neglecting themselves (Dong2012). Even though this article discusses different types of elder abuse, and one of the ones is physical abuse. A number of studies have focused on the risk factors of associating with family caregivers that are abusing the elder. A family member that is doing the abuse, are more likely to strike out in time of stress. The elder person does not report the abuse of being in fear of being mistreated Worchester band before (Kohn2011). Another article is using a common term that is used in society today is a known fact that elder abuse and neglect or more than just a neutral word. In fact only going studies of physical, emotional and psychological abuse that violates the rights of the elder people. The author uses the phrase elder abuse and neglect in quotation marks as a way to look at exploitation and neglect the writer also uses the words elder abuse and neglect to support a notion that the development of elder abuse and neglect is changing the way people understand the ongoing process today (Harbison2012). In another article, this paper responding and interviewing and elder abuse and neglect stands for an overview of a cause and a discussion of a risk factor that is related to elder abuse and neglect. As we explore the history of the problem, signs of the forms and interventions that will help the elder. The issue that is considered to be concerned is interviewing and responding to the abuse and neglect that need it for other attention. There are different kinds of abuse and the risk relating to factors. A lot of research has been conducted on

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