My First Field Experience At Dawson County High School Essay

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When I decided I wanted to be a teacher the only experience I had in schools was my own K-12 education. Last week I took part in my first field experience at Dawson County High School setting, which gave me the reassurance that I made the right decision in pursuing my degree in Physical Education and heath and becoming a teacher. I observed both heath and physical education classes and was given great insight into what it will be like when I have a classroom and gym of my own. I saw the teachers use many methods that we learned about in EDUC 2130, and recognized many scenarios from the textbook put into the real life setting of a heath classroom and a physical education class. This paper will describe the observations I had and connections I made with the theories, methods, and teaching strategies I’ve learned about through this course. I will also give a reflection of my time spent in Dawson County High School and the impact it has had on my educational philosophy and my future practices as a Physical Education and Health teacher.

Dawson County High School
The school where I did my field experience was Dawson County High School, in Dawsonville, Georgia. The school demographics include 92% white, 5% Hispanic, and 2% two or more races. 47% of the students are female, and 53% of the students are male. 38% of the students are on free or reduced lunch and 1% of the students are English Language Learners.
The first class I observed was a Health class that…

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