My First Experience With Literacy Essay

2046 Words Sep 7th, 2014 9 Pages
Think back to when you were a child, did you enjoy reading and writing, or despise it? What about now that you have grown up, has your outlook on literacy changed? Everyone has a different story behind their answers each of these questions. Personally, I never enjoyed reading or writing growing up. However, literacy has slowly grown on me throughout the years, especially since I will be teaching children in just a few short years. My first experience with literacy was when I was still a baby. My parents would read to me everyday until I was six years old. Before I could recognize the words, I would point to the pictures. I also memorized some of my favorite books. My parents found this out when they tried to skip some of the words and I would tell them they had to go back and read it the right way. Some of my favorite books were Franklin, Spot, Arthur, The Berenstein Bears, and Dr. Seuss. I loved series books when I was younger and that is one thing that has continued through my adult years. Every two or three weeks my family would go to the library where I would pick out seven or eight books that I wanted. When I look at the books I liked my parents to read to me, I notice that these books would be considered gender neutral because most of them have animals as the characters. I started reading some books when I was four years old, but I always enjoyed being read to more than reading by myself. Although I was able to read at four, I did not develop my phonological and…

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