My First Day Of The Language Arts Teachers

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I’m sitting in a classroom full of anxious students waiting to get back their research paper that we worked on for half of the semester. Slowly, in a sense that feels like hours, my teacher gets to me. I’m excited to see what I got due to my dedication to this paper. My teacher handed me my paper and I flipped it over and I was crushed by what I saw. I got a D. I sat there thinking to myself how could I get this grade, I worked so hard. In the past I had struggled with my writing, but I never saw it to be like this. This 7th grade research paper made me never want to write again. However, in years to come, little do I know I would have to write many more papers that I could not just give up now. In Elementary School, the language arts teachers …show more content…
I was in for an awakening. The first piece of paper my language arts teacher handed us was labeled “Quiz”. I took a look at it and all the directions said were to label the parts of a sentence. I did not even know how to do something as simple as that. I tried my hardest on the quiz and turned it in. I was embarrassed that I did not know close to anything on that quiz. I was mad at the teacher for giving us a quiz on the first day of …show more content…
She then started a lesson on the parts of a sentence. She began by breaking down and defining what each part of the sentence was. I finally could understand what a pronoun, a phrase, clause and many other parts that make up a sentence were. This was huge for me.
However, this glory did not last long when our first writing assignment was handed out. I thought to myself, this is going to be the first bad grade of the semester. I did not want this writing assignment to turn out like my past ones and be mediocre, I wanted it to be great. I went up to my teacher and asked her for help on my writing skills. When I asked her for help we talked about what exactly I was having problems with and truth be told I just did not know how to write. She knew at that moment that I had struggled with writing in the past and still

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