Flunking Essay

Have you noticed that many freshmen college students have a hard time adjusting to college classes? Do you know the reason for it? Well, it is because most high school teachers only teach their students enough in order to graduate. So, adjusting to actually studying and putting much effort on the work is harder for college students, especially since college classes are much harder and work at a much faster pace. One way teachers can grab the attention of students, is by "revealing the trump card of failure (Sherry pg.713)." I believe on the use of flunking as a teaching tool, but only with right motivation, support, and a reason to learn and improve.

I believe in the use of flunking as a teaching tool, but with right support from both the
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For example, in high school, I was the student who always did well in class, I always got As or Bs in my classes. On sophomore year, I was getting all As, passing my classes with flying colors. In second semester, in my World History class, I was surrounded with my closest friends and had a boyfriend at that time, so I got so caught up with socializing in class that I did not really focus on my work, I did not let myself take in the lessons my teacher was teaching. My teacher thought nothing of it, since I was always doing well in class, which also affected my friends work, and he let us socialize as much as we want. I did not notice that it affected my grade until I noticed I did not get a good grade on my test and my teacher told me that I was not doing so well this semester and that I might be socializing a bit too much in class. That day, I went to check on how much the test had affected my grade and noticed that my grade was a D. I was always a straight A student, with one or two Bs, so it was natural for me to be shocked with my grade while my friends just saw it as a grade lower but passing. Failing that exam made me realize that I was not putting too much effort in my class, and not only was it affecting my grade but also my friend’s grade. So with right motivation to bring my grade up and go back to being a good student I was used to being, I started …show more content…
When flunking a student, an instructors should have the intention that students will want to improve and in the process want to actually learn the materials. Students should not just be doing work with the fear of failing; if so, students will not actually learn but do the work to get a decent grade. Like Sherry said in her argument essay, "They 'd rather be sailing (pg.713)." Students should be willing to work so they can improve their education which can later improve their economic status. With more knowledge, students can improve so much in life. When getting flunked, students should have the mentality that this will affect their education, so they will have a reason to want to learn and not the reason to just pass the class. For example, with my experience that sophomore year, I brought my grade up so I could improve my education but also to improve my knowledge about the world. History happened to be the subject me and friends enjoyed so much, so I had a reason to want to improve my understanding on why things are the way they are right now. I also had a reason to improve my friend’s grade and education, so we could all can understand the world’s history. Now I noticed I did well on that because we all decided later to take AP History classes and AP Government. "People of all ages can rise above their problems, but they need to have a reason to do so

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