Essay on My First Day Of High School

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My First Day of High School
One day I’ll never forget is my first day of high school. The first day was crazy, the hallways were busy, the older students were frightening and the whole new environment was just scary in itself. That day began early in the morning, to be exact… at 5:45am.That day I woke up fully awake, and basically jumped out of my bed. I had my outfit picked out for over a week already. It was supposed to be really hot that day, so I wore jeans, a cute tank top, and my new sneakers. After I got dress, I did my hair, my classic hairstyle was a high top ponytail with a braid. I then made sure my backpack was fully packed, and went downstairs to eat. At around 6:25 I was waiting for the bus. I remember my mom telling me how she couldn’t believe her baby was in high school already. Shortly, the school bus came at around 6:42 I was the second bus stop, so there was only one other student on the bus when I got on. I remember anxiously waiting for more and more students to come on the bus. As we started approaching more stops, my nerves kicked in.I was worried about what the upperclassman was going to think of me, and praying that they wouldn’t harass me Some of the students on the bus looked as if they were in their twenties!The male students had a whole lot of facial hair, they were tall, and their voices were crazy deep. The female students wore a ton of makeup, carried a Michael Kors bag, dressed as if they were going clubbing, and had barely anything for…

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