My First Day Of College Essay

1142 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
The story that I want to share is, the basic yet often talked about transition, between high school and college. High school was so much easier for me back then, you could get away with so much more and not worried about homework as much. Now in college, it feels like I’ve sat down for the longest, scariest, most agonizing rollercoaster of my life. English in high school wasn’t much of a concern to me. Teachers didn’t persist on teaching students good writing habits or the depth of what writing can go into, like they do in college. Going to my first day of college, I didn’t know what to expect and was open to new things. My first day at English 1301 I was able to see what the goal of writing was and the plans that the teachers were setting, to prepare us later down the road. I wandered how much reading and writing I would have to do in college. High school does not prepare in coming students for what college English has in store for them. It was like they just gave me the basic kit for survival and dropped them in the jungle to fend for themselves. I never could get reading and writing, but it didn’t mean I quit. I never was one to quit in anything I did, in or out of school, I just wasn’t brought up like by my parents. No matter what I did I would get it eventually. Didn’t matter how long it took. College was something new yes but not impossible and well reading and writing were new to me technically, I just had to apply myself to it. My first English 1301 class helped me…

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