Reflection Paper For A Mock Interview

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On the 16th of August at 9:30 A.M., I had my final mock interview with Mrs. Nancy Ramirez. It was scheduled a week prior at a time I chose myself. The purpose for the mock interview was to help our interviewing skills for the actual interview when we graduate from South Texas Vo-Tech. In all honesty, the final mock interview was fantastic. Mrs. Nancy Ramirez was very professional during this entire interview and also was dressed very professional like an office manager would be dressed. For a while I actually started to believe I was interviewing for a real Dental Assisting position. Prior to the interview I had to be there five minutes before and I also had to introduce myself to the lady in the front desk. After introducing myself and stating …show more content…
Such as, instead of leaving my responses sounding like I wasn’t finished I would have added more of an exchange and tried to sound more confident. Also, I would have provided better eye contact than what I delivered. Practicing on my eye contact and confidence is something I am going to have to do on my own time to sharpen up. During an interview for an actual job I want I need to have my interviewing skills sharpened up. I would say another thing is that I should have groomed my hair because it was “bed-head” as I woke up that morning. Lastly, I would have taken out my piercings. I had two of them taken out prior to the interview but I didn’t realize till after I left my other two in. If I was granted another shot for this final mock interview I would change everything that I stated. To conclude, my final mock interview in my own honest opinion, was excellent but could have had minor changes. Other than those minor changes it was excellent and I am grateful to have had a chance to have a mock interview before graduating South Texas Vo-Tech and not knowing what skills I needed to sharpen

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