Personal Narrative: My Failure In College

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts – Winston Churchill. The fear of failure is one that drives many people to never attempt to achieve their goals in life. I never allowed my fear to limit me under any circumstance. The biggest lesson I learned when I was in high school was that in life you are going to run into situations you may find difficult, but you should never try to work ways of avoiding it because that is a part of life. When transitioning into middle school academics were a struggle for me and eventually caught the attention of my school board. Throughout middle school I found myself struggling with focusing and found myself taking extra time to do many of my assignments. When I was …show more content…
Knowing that my performance in high school would influence my admissions into college I understood the maturity that had to be taken. Everything was now serious and I wanted to be sure that I did everything I could at my best of ability. Arriving to registration day on the week before my first year of high school I picked up my schedule and read through my classes and began to notice an issue with it. Many of the classes that were registered for me were collaborative classes with curriculum that was slowed down. Reflecting on the situation I knew that the classes reflected my IEP and I determined the best solution was to talk to my case manager who handled my IEP. My best chances of speaking with him would be on the first day of school. Walking into my first day of high school finding my locker and friends was the least of my issues. The only thing I was focused on was finding my case manager and discussing my situation. My sister helped direct me to him and I walked into his office and we sat down to introduce each other. My case manager was very surprised to have me consult with him that early. Throughout my conversation with him I explained to him that I wanted to start high school with a new beginning with a new view to my future. I understood that with my disability that it may be harder for me to do many things that other students in my class could and I was completely fine with this. …show more content…
From battling a learning disability to witnessing my grandfather and dog passing while I was in high school was the experiences that taught me the challenges that everyone will face in life. My learning disability definitely challenged me into pushing myself to work harder and not let my fear of failing limit me from being successful. Going from a collaborative class to an AP class I experienced the success of hard work and ambition. My personal experiences in high school shaped my vision and taught me about what life really is. We will all experience challenges in our life and just like my disability we have to fight through it and this is what makes us stronger. From my hard work and lessons learned I believe I have shaped myself into a student who shows strong passion and personality that would be a perfect fit into your

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