My Favorite During The English 122 Class 2016 Spring Semester

831 Words May 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Out of the three essays I wrote during the English 122 class 2016 spring semester my favorite was the Ethnography essay at the beginning. I chose it because it required me to push beyond myself to get out and get the information I needed from someone else. The writing process was really hard for me at first but after I got further into it and sought out for help it became easier. I also feel like this was my best paper as far a prep and assistance goes, I meet with teacher, talked with a tutor, did the peer reviews and even though I did get a 158/200 I do feel proud of my work ethic during the planning process. The Ethnography essay challenged me as a writer and as a person who is going to start a nonprofit business one day this assignment helped me to gain the confidence and humility to ask questions and things of others to forward my gain an know that it is okay and to be comfortable in doing so.
I learned about the back stories of the people that have so much to do with making sure that I am successful during my time here at CCA. Also I learned that I can overcome my fears and that it is not as hard as life tries to make it. And that I enjoy making and editing videos, I had always wondered how to do create one and how hard it would be, this assignment let me explore this. If I had time I would rewrite this essay because I felt like the comments in my rubric one how to correct it and improve its grammar and format were the main areas that needed attention. And the…

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