Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At Grand Cayman

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One place you should go to is Grand Cayman. In September 2016, I went on a cruise on the Carnival Breeze. The Carnival Breeze left from Galveston, Texas. It was a seven-day cruise that stopped at three ports. The three ports were Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We had four sea days and three port days. The days at sea were very different than the days at port. My favorite day out of all seven days was the fourth day.
The fourth day we stopped at Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman was beautiful. I was also very excited because we were planning on going snorkeling and swimming with stingrays! I was going to spend the majority of the day in the Caribbean Sea. We got off the ship at seven o’clock in the morning. We had until three o’clock in the
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His name was Captain Bryan. We then got onto his catamaran to take us to the Stingray Sandbar. It was about thirty-five minutes until we got to the Stingray Sandbar. When we got there, he told us not to jump or panic in the water with them. There were probably one hundred people already in the water with them so I wasn’t as nervous as before. I jumped in the water. It was hard for me because I couldn’t touch, but I also didn’t want to tread water because of what Captain Bryan told us. There were a ton of stingrays in the water. They would swim by your feet and through your legs. The stingray specialist held a stingray while I went up and touched the stingray. He then told me to open my arms wide and hold it like a big, giant pizza. He put the stingray on my arms and I was scared. At first it felt slimy, but it was also soft. Then I got to kiss it for a picture. After I got all my pictures taken with the stingray, the stingray specialist put it on my back. I was getting a stingray back massage. It felt weird. It was like a suction cup, but it was very relaxing. I had to keep my shoulders under water, though. After that, I got to feed it. You have to hold your hand like an ice cream cone and set the food on top of your ice cream cone. The stingray will just suck the food right off of your hand. It was so cool! Being around them was an experience of a lifetime. I would …show more content…
We got on our snorkel gear and jumped in the Caribbean Sea. I had never snorkeled before so I was nervous, but I got the hang of it after a while. I saw all sorts of fish and even a sea turtle. It was so pretty underwater, but after about thirty minutes, we had to get back on the catamaran to go to another location to snorkel. When we got to the Coral Gardens, it was very different from the Barrier Reef. It had different types of fish and even stingrays. The stingrays frightened me because they weren’t used to being around people like the ones at the Stingray Sandbar. The fish there were more colorful and abundant than at the Barrier Reef. There was even a squid!
After we were done, we got back on the catamaran and headed back to the tour bus. It took us another thirty-five minutes to get back to our tour bus. Once we got back, we went and bought our pictures. Then we got in line to get back on the ship since it was two o’clock. We didn’t want to miss the ship since it left at three o’clock sharp whether we were on it or

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