Sergio Moirano: A Short Story

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Sergio Moirano was in the 90th Infantry Division during WWII. This is his story. “We slept in hammocks. There are barely any room in between. I hated the ocean. I wanted to join the army. I was sick the whole time. We landed in the Channel and stayed there for a while, there was many ships passing by. Around 2am they called my name and were sending me somewhere. The next day there was excitement and tense. I had a great meal and breakfast. I was thinking that was my last supper. I was called again that night and had to replace a man and taken into a truck. The equipment that we were handed meant we had to do something important. Everyone was quiet. We started to think. Many thing went in our minds. When we landed we weren’t the first ones, …show more content…
This is his story. “When we boarded we knew that something was up, but we hadn’t encountered anything yet. When we got to the shores we began unloading and got stuck so we had to embark. That was as far as we could be taken so we got off. We were 275 yards from the beach. I had to swim and get to shore. Someone was yelling on shore and he wanted ropes taken out and hooked on the landing craft. I saw guys coming in on the ropes. Later i wondered how many men couldn’t swim. Some got hit and many died. I heard “help me, help me” everywhere i turned. Bulldozers were pushing men aside to make a path for the machines. I had to go out the same way i came in. I went around and went up the hill and picked up a rifle. There was a lot of firing. We had to dig and get ready for counterattacks. No one dared to stand up. The next day there wasn’t much firing. I wasn’t a veteran but at the end of that night i considered myself one. I killed two people.”

William Singer landed on omaha beach. This is his story. “We left Long Island and went to Normandy. There were so many dead people. The stench was so bad. I could smell it today, the burnt bodies. We set up ships to shores. On Omaha Beach there had to be a couple of hundred drownings. My wife was in labor during this. It took about a month to come back. They put me in an amphibious because i was claustrophobic. It was tough in the navy. My ship had a captain who was on an aircraft carrier, we were
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His father died when he was 8 years old. He went to the University of Illinois for 2 years. In 1941, before Pearl Harbor, him and two other other boys were sent as cadetes. B-18 2 engine was their main bomber at the time. He was a navigator for the Air Force stationed in the Aleutian Islands. This is his story. “We didn't get the war started till December and before December i was flying with B-18. General Buckner was our head man at the time. Sometimes we would get off course and land in Russia, I learned a lot. The first thing the army did was take everything we had, so I didn't take any pictures. In 1942 I got orders to bring B-26. I’d see submarines when we we’re patrolling at night. In June 3 1942, i was in an LB-30 and we had radar, we saw flashes of light in the distance. We thought our planes or ship from the US we’re coming. Tommy Mansfu was flying a B-17, he picked up another navigator and got shot down trying to attack a battleship, I was supposed to fly him. One time we had a B-26 codiac and it hit the top of a mountain and landed in the snow, there was only 1 survivor. The B-24 took care of more bombs and could go further than others. Sometimes you couldn’t transfer fuel into it. I was in about 4 crashes. I had new crews and we picked up machine guns, callipers. We got to Cold Bay and the planes were lined up. The Japanese decided to come to the North, that’s why they hit us there. They didn't know we had B-40’s down there. When

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