Descriptive Essay About Panama City Beach

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If I could go anywhere for a class trip, I would go to the wonderful Panama City Beach, which is in the Gulf of Mexico. If this trip were to happen, I would be in a group with my friends, Ava and Temple. During the trip, my group would have a blast both in and out of the water. We would eat amazing cuisines, see lots of creatures, and spend lovely nights out on the beach. Everything would have to be perfect, complete with a cherry on top.

When we arrive to Panama, my friends and I would tour the resort. Before we walk through the doors, we'd know that it's be amazing. In the lobby was a giant water fountain. In the middle of it, a dolphin posed on it's back flippers. Mothers chided their children, telling them how "it's not to late
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When I told myself I had to go into the kitchen, donuts were on the table. As I sank my teeth into warm dough, Ava ran into the kitchen wearing a coral dress over a swimsuit. "We're almost late! Get dressed!" She called as she stuffed her snorkeling gear into a black beach bag. I then rushed into my room and changed, still chewing on the donut. We were all ready to go in thirty minutes. We sprinted down the stairs to the lobby, and joined with the group just in time. When we arrived at our destination, we were ushered into a boat. The captain gave us instructions to put our belongings into the huge airtight chest on the boat. We did so, then put the snorkel and masks on. The captain then stopped the boat and told us to jump in. I immediately regretted that decision! Within my first second in the water, I was greeted my a dolphin. A real live dolphin with beady black eyes and too smooth skin. I was swimming away from the dolphin faster than I have ever swam before. When I reached the boat,I grabbed the side and scrambled inside to safety. I never went into the water again!

That night, Temple would not stop laughing at me. She was mimicking the face I made when I came into the living room after I took a shower, explaining to her friend Shaniya how mortified if was. Minutes later, the teacher in charge of the trip delivered the food to our door. The scent of shrimp wafted into my nose, resulting in me gagging. After we ate,
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The wind would dance around the boat as we sail to a popular island. Once we arrive at the island, I'd see why the name of the island is Shell Island: there would be viscous crabs and shells covering the beach. Some crabs were scurrying to the boat, wanting to know what in the ocean that contraption is. I bet Nemo would tell them, "It's OK, it's just a butt!" While there, I would find tons of shells ranging from the size of a penny, to the size of probably the Eiffel Tower. Nearby, my friends would be demanding that the crabs need to go, telling the crabs to go away. The only response Ava and Temple would get, however, would be a pinch. The teachers would give us free time for the rest of the day after we return to the mainland. My group unanimously decides to go to the beach. While at the beach, we would have another picnic, with this one being fit for Queen Elizabeth! That night, my group would have a lovely stroll on the beach before the sun sets. The seagulls would call out to us as if we were once friends while we gazed at the orange and pink streaks of the sunset. Furthermore, we would spend the rest of the day in the resort's hot tubs. The jets and the warmth would lure us to sleep. It almost worked, too! Dinner would be burgers from the resort that night. The burgers were incredibly greasy, as I guessed. Nevertheless, we loved the

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