Essay about My Family Returned At Deerfield Beach

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Chapter One: “2001”
September 2001. Week one. 9/11? Just around the corner. My family returned to Deerfield Beach, Florida after spending the last four years in Fremont, California, a suburb of San Francisco. I can’t say I wanted to move. I gave up my beloved horseback riding, for which I won several ribbons, and my piano lessons. The weekend we left California coincided with a piano recital. On the one hand, I would see my grandparents again, but moving sucked! Mom didn’t want to leave either, and she kept saying it over and over, but her fabulous job in Silicon Valley got decimated. She called ‘the bomb’ the cause. I didn’t understand what that meant, other than that we ran out of money. We had traveled to Florida and moved in with Grandma and Grandpa a few months earlier, with the idea in mind we would move once Mom found a new job. Everything went well until an incident one morning. Little did it occur then that this event would end up bringing Grandpa and I closer to one another. During the early hours on a sunny Saturday, I dreamt about Batman and Superman teaming up to thwart Al Gore’s fraudulent global warming fictions. The daydreaming came to an abrupt end when I heard my Grandpa Alan, who was suffering some tremendous distress. After having spent the evening sleeping on the pullout bed that the couch in the den converted into, I ran into Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom. When I got there, a quick glance at the television set showed a promo for coming…

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