Personal Narrative: My First Trip To Florida

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The smell of a salty breeze and the feeling of soft sand brings back a great memory. This is the first trip that I’ve taken to Florida. It is also the the furthest I’ve been out of the state of Indiana and the longest road trip I’ve taken. It was a car ride that lasted over a day and I went with my friend, Olivia, and her mother, grandfather, and both of her brothers Ben and Trevor and their families. While there we went in the ocean and pools many times. We went to shopping areas and restaurants. There were also many activities at the hotel we stayed at such as artsy things and even a small arcade. Then the ride to and back to Florida was the absolute same both ways, long and tiresome. We left school on a Thursday, the day before spring …show more content…
We would usually go look for seashells when it started to get darker and there were less people. One night when we were walking my friend found a shark tooth for me. I was pretty excited about that because it was a pretty big one and it would be the perfect gift for my step dad. We went into the ocean about three or four times and three out of four were pleasant experiences. Olivia wanted to go further out so I went with her. I went far enough out that I couldn’t touch the bottom. I wasn’t very acquainted to swimming in the ocean so I ingested a lot of salty sea water that burned my throat. All of the other times were lovely and fun. Olivia and I spent about two hours in the arcade that the hotel had. We spent over twenty dollars playing a shooting game called Terminator. We were really bad at it at first,but we gradually got better. We went to many restaurants such as Bubba Gumps, which is based off the movie Forrest Gump. It was really enjoyable because the food was amazing and we even got to answer trivia questions from the movie. I knew almost all of them and I was shocked because I haven’t watched the movie in quite a while. We went to another seafood restaurant that was right next to the hotel and I had the most amazing shrimp alfredo. Then two days before we left we went to this restaurant and I tried shark and alligator for the very first time. They were breaded bites and they were delicious. While at the restaurant I got to see a dolphin in real life for the very first time. It was very shiny and slippery looking and absolutely

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