My Family Has Changed My Life Essay

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My family means a lot to me. When I was 9, my father passed away and I started living with my godparents. I have a strong relationship with my godparents and my sisters. I have two sisters, one older (twenty-four) and one younger (fourteen). My family has done a great job in teaching me certain life lessons and values. I value my culture and all the things that my family has taught me over the years. I believed it all has shaped me into a better person.
My family is a very southern family. Most of my family (aunts, uncles, grandparent, etc.) lives in South Georgia and Texas. They are generally really big into farming and agriculture. For the most part, the men of the family will stay to work on the land, while the women pursue their education. Some of the men do still go to college, but it’s mainly the women. With that being said, this has influenced me (as a woman) to continue my schooling. My family has always stated that being a woman should not hinder my aspirations of going to college.
I come from a lower socioeconomic status family. When my godparents took me in, it put them into a financial bind. My godmother quit her job to be home with my sisters and I, so we live off of the income of my godfather. My godparents have always insured that we have everything we need though. Even throughout the hardships we have endured, the thought of helping out has motivated me and has given me determination to secure financial stability. When I get older, I hope to give back to my…

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