My Experiences Over The Past 10 Years Essay

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Technical Qualification My experiences over the past 10 years have given me a variety of experiences that greatly contribute to my knowledge base and skill level. There are a number of complex responsibilities of a Director. Important to success, is an understanding these complexities and the ability to apply past experiences when needed. I began my career in the NCA as a Cemetery Caretaker at Riverside National Cemetery (RNC). Riverside National is the busiest National Cemetery in the country averaging over 8500 burials a year. As a Caretaker, I experienced the basic functions of cemetery operations from the most rudimentary level. Over the course of five years, RNC conducted over 42,000 burials. The high burial rate allowed me to experience interment operations at a level very few Directors have or will experience in the course of their careers. I developed an understanding of burial operations and became a supervisor in two years. As a Supervisor, I developed new SOP’s and policies that aligned with NCA Directive and allowed the cemetery to accomplish our mission.
As the Interment Supervisor, I challenged myself to learn the skill of Pre-placed Crypt field design and installation. RNC was the only cemetery in the NCA that excavated, designed, and installed crypt fields. Riverside National was the first National Cemetery to begin using in-ground preplaced crypts for burials in early 1989. With proof of concept established the entire NCA began using preplaced…

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