Essay My Experience With Service Learning

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Modules 1 and 2 is where I gained most of my knowledge about service-learning, as I was not exactly sure of what it was when entering the course. Through module 1, I learned that service learning is about you providing the community with your service, while at the same time it is a learning experience for you. It allows you to take what you have learned in a classroom and apply it to real life situations. The required reading by Cress (2005), “What is Service-Learning”, taught me more about what service learning is and what to expect of it. This article discusses how taking part in service learning gives students the opportunity to figure out how to apply everything they have learned in classrooms, since learning about it and actually experiencing it are both very different. Not only did this article inform me of how beneficial service learning is for me and my education, but it also highlighted how important it is for the community, or classroom that you are providing your service to (Cress, 2005). In my case, I am in a classroom setting, my presence in the classroom can be beneficial to the students and the teacher. Having an extra person in the classroom to watch over the children can make it easier on the teacher since she cannot watch everyone at the same time when the kids are all over the place. My being in the class can benefit the students, by having someone else there to go to for help, or problems, if the teacher is busy.
Module 2 taught me of the principles of…

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