Essay on My Experience With My Mother

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Everyone has their beliefs but sometimes they will change in some situations. Nothing is eternal. It was always happen. Like us, we are gradually growing and our thought are changing too. I believe that I need more love from my mother rather than toys when I was young. My grandmother went my all of parents ' meeting instead of my mother when I was in kindergarten. I only saw my mother 3 times during my kindergarten period of four years. I feel very self-abased because I do not have care of my mother. I have no memories of my mother playing with me. I was in boarding school when I was child and we have breaks every two weeks, in the school I spent two weeks too long for the child, we cannot see our parents every each day and cannot feel their cares. Teacher 's love is a different from love than that your mother. I still remember that I had a terrible cold and the teacher separated me from the other and put me into a small dark room. She said it was to protect other students by keeping them away from this flu virus. Then she left me when she leaved me some cold medicines and turn off the light. I felt so bad and afraid because of my terrible cold and this dark room. I was crying but nobody heard me cry and comforted me. I was falling sleep because I was so tired of crying and I had a bad dream which was so terrible that I cannot ever forget. I always complain about my mother that she does not have time to spend with me when I was young. During my primary…

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