Essay about My Experience With My Grandmother

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In my life I have had many experiences with The Elderly. My Grandmother who is in her 70’s has taught me a lot about life. She has a lot of good advice that she likes to share with me, such as never stopping on the train tracks with your car and to never use your Iphone before you go to bed or it will take you longer to fall asleep because of the light. My Grandma has always been a big inspiration in my life she not only offers me very positive and useful life advice but, she was always positive and taught me to live life to the fullest and, to always respect people. My Grandma is a very positive person but, her life was not always positive in 2005 her husband (My Grandfather) became very ill with cancer and she had to take care of him while he was bed sick and, visiting in and out of different Hospitals for different types treatments. My Grandmother had a very hard time dealing with this and, in 2007 her husband (My Grandfather) would pass away leaving my Grandma to live and provide on her own which was very difficult for her. Even though my Grandma went through a very challenging time losing my Grandfather she continues to be positive. 8 years later she is still positive and very active doing yoga and, other social activities. My Grandmother continues to inspire me to this day with her positivity, kindness, and caring attitude she has even during difficult times.

Another experience I had with the elderly happened when I was in middle school. I had never been to a nursing…

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