My Experience With My Children Essay

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Reading over SIOP feature 22 reminded me about my experiences coming to the U.S. As students in Saudi Arabia we only learn some English. The English we learn we do not really practice because we use our native language. I have learned that one of the best ways to learn English is to move to a country where the main language is English. This is a better way to learn a language because it is more natural. People begin to learn things to say based on their need and not because it is a class. If I needed something in a foreign country I would have to learn their language in order to ask for what I need. This is also why people learn to speak a language before they can read or write it.
In my experience with my children learning language can be very difficult. When we come to the U.S. my wife and I and my children had no skills in English. I enrolled my children in Islamic School in Kansas City because my children needed some help with translating. The school has Arabic and English classes. The first time my children learned English, they did so through some help in Arabic. I found that they improved in English, but only slightly. The school was not free so there was a lot of pressure placed on my children to do well. One day, my wife talked to me, I found out that my sister’s children have been doing better than our children. I did not understand why because my children were doing well. She explained that her children are in public school and they improve their skills in…

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