Stereotypes Of English Language Learners

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The second largest influx of immigrants has happened in past two decades. More immigrants are coming to America, in search of a better life for their children (Stepanek, 2010). With this influx of immigrants, comes an influx in the amount of students who are English Language Learners (ELL). According to Stepanek, between the years 2002-2003 and 2007-2008, the Northwest’s yearly growth in English Language Learners was five times faster than the national average (2010). This influx of ELL students is a call for more drastic measures to be taken to make sure that these students are getting the education they need and deserve, yet nothing seems to be getting done. There are family programs that are being implemented, but they don 't offer any benefits for families from diverse cultural backgrounds and are …show more content…
Researchers and teachers need to address these stereotypes of Latino parents. Latino parents are constantly being criticized for their parenting by always being compared to parents from European-American families. There are many studies out there about Latino students and their reading readiness, but, according to Schick, those studies are always with the Latino students being compared to European-American students. Latino’s represent the fastest growing population of children in the United States and are raising the number of English Language Learners, so there should be more research on print-related practices in Latino homes in America (Schick, 2015). Researchers who did past studies about Latino families didn’t even think about the cultural diversity that exists in families outside of European-American families. The researchers were ill equipped with knowledge about Latino families and their beliefs and traditions

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