My Experience Plans For My 10 Day Unit Essay

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While creating the lesson plans for my 10-day unit, I made a template to guide me in my instruction. For the procedure section of my lesson plan, I have split each class into three different parts: theory instruction (12 minutes), assessment/activity (15 minutes), and singing (25 minutes). Theory instruction is when I am using my knowledge of student’s prior skills to expand on what they know, and teach new concepts that will link to those from before. During the assessment/activity, I make sure that the students comprehended and can apply what they learned during the first 12 minutes. During the singing portion of class, we work on learning and perfecting the repertoire for upcoming performances. This time schedule has been successful since the beginning, and allows time for all the necessary components I would like accomplished during my lesson.

For lesson 2, I created a worksheet for them to complete during class. “Fill in the staff,” was on one side, and a “rhythm pyramid” (a way to show note values) on the other. This lesson plan was aligned with LG2 Students will be able to list/describe the note names on the scale of the treble and bass class and the parts of a grand staff, and LG3 Students will be able to read and echo rhythms using whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. After my instruction, I assumed the students would power through the worksheet, and we would have time for a fun game. 14/38 students finished the worksheet in the full 15…

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