My Experience On My Life Essay examples

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There are many experiences in our daily life that are very important for us. Some teaches a lesson. Some of them are horrible that you cannot imagine. Some of them are so surprising that they change your life. There is also an experience in my life that changed my life. Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me happy and I realize how things happen in life. There are some persons in your life that are very important for you. You cannot know their importance until there is something wrong with them.
I also have many persons that make my life. They are very important part of my life. Some of them are close to me but some are not. Those that are not close to me, they still play an important role in my life. But if something happens wrong with them, then we realize their importance. My family is very important for me. My grandmother and my grandfather are my life. They make my life different. They make my life beautiful. All the colors of my life are just because of them. When I go home after work or after job, I always first greet my grandmother and grandfather. When I meet them all my stress and tensions go out. My grandmother always cooks for me when I go her home. She loves me more than I love her. I visit her home couple a week.
One day, something happened wrong. As me and my sister entered my grandmother’s house one evening, my grandmother greeted us. Her way of saying hello was different as it was usually. I became worried because I heard her sound of hello…

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