My Experience Of The Career Path I Am Pursing Essay

726 Words Apr 13th, 2016 3 Pages
The experiences, ideas, and observations I participated in while taking this course gave me a better understanding of the career path I am pursing. This course was such a learning experience into all the aspects of the education field that happen inside of the traditional classroom. In the duration of this course I’ve learned the importance of the teacher, the administration, and the parent in the classroom. This course gave me the opportunity to gain sixty hours of classroom experience. At first this seemed like a large number, but as each day past I was actually saddened my time in the class was coming to an end. I had to leave my comfort zone and I now have my foot in the door in another district. I met so many people that may benefit me finding a job in the future, and without this course these relationships would not have formed.
I spent a large majority of my sixty hours in a fourth grade collaborated classroom. This allowed me to see the importance of balance in an educational setting. In the classroom I observed in there was students on all ends of the spectrum. The main challenge for my observing teacher was keeping her gifted students fulfilled while keeping her other students up to par. I also got to spend some times with the students and with their families. I learned the importance of the school 's administration and just how many interactions they have with classroom teachers. The district did an excellent job with incorporating their higher level staff into…

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