Reflective Essay On The History Of Marriage And Family Therapy

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I have always had a keen interest in learning. My ambitions from my childhood channeled me on a path that facilitated continuous learning. Learning something new has

always fascinated me, even though it might get very challenging and frustration at times. Seeing

the end from the beginning has always being my way of looking at things. I love learning so it is

always worth it in the end. Doing this course has taught me a lot. It has tremendously widen my

vocabulary and expanded my knowledge on the history of Marriage and Family Therapy. It has

given me a cleared perspective on important issues and has helped me to take a positive stance

on what is importance to me. I have acquired so much information that sometimes I honestly
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If I am going out there to help persons with their marriage and their relationships. I must

be able to fix mine or use mine as an example, so where else to best start. I must admit I have

had a few glitches in my marriage like any married couple, but there is no question in my mind

that this program along with divine intervention of course, can help me to iron out those


I spend a lot of time reading the material for this course. I had to do a lot of re-

reads. Sometimes I got so overwhelmed with the information that I had to just pray and ask God

to give me clarity and understanding in putting the information together. I had to read with my

phone ride beside me because at times I had no idea what some of those vocabulary meant.

Sometimes I had to totally reconstruct sentences base on the meaning of the word I looked up to

get what the writer was saying. However I am not complaining because it had tremendously

expanded my vocabulary.

I had a high expectation of myself and failure is not in my vocabulary. I tried to ensure

that I put a lot of effort in the work that I did each week, in the treaded discussion. I tried to

ensure that I did what was required and if I had any other thought or opinions as it relates to

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