Seventh Day Adventist

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Most of my life I have allowed others to define me. Not only did I let others assume who I am, I even would (still do) let others make decisions for me. The summer of my junior year I let a lot of people assume things about me. It was an important summer of finding myself in terms of my sexuality. That summer was very hectic because of how I grew up, my family 's values, and how I felt about all of it. It lead to a regretful decision. Before talking about myself, my parents are both Seventh-Day Adventists. I grew up in the church. All my life, even now, I would go to church every Saturday. I would wake up at 7 am which is/was too early that I would have time to fall back to sleep. Then from 9:30am to 10:30am I would have Sabbath school and afterwards would be the main church service until 12pm. …show more content…
I decided to seek advice from my aunt who was the only family member I had told. I thought because she was my mom’s sister she would know how to tell her something she did not want to hear without her getting extremely mad. I called my aunt while my girlfriend was laying on my lap. My aunt knew I was in a relationship and she let me know that it would be best I only tell them my sexuality. She told me telling them I was bisexual and that I was in a relationship would not be a good idea. My aunt told me to break up with my girlfriend. I in no way ever wanted to break up with her, but I did. I thought that would be the right thing; for my aunt to decide for me and tell me breaking up with her was a good thing.
Fortunately, I have learned my religion and sexuality do not have to be in conflict. That I can be a bisexual Seventh-Day Adventist. It took quite some time and a whole lot of tears, but I am happy with my sexuality and with my religion. Having others define me is what caused so much heart break , but if it did not happen the way it did I do not think I would be as happy as I am with myself as I am

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