My Experience At Traditional Drawing Essay

817 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
1.) Which material, medium or artistic strategy do you use with the most facility? Please give examples. I am familiar with several artistic mediums, but I am most skilled at traditional drawing. It is something I have always done and have the greatest understanding of, it is also the medium I am most likely to practice in my spare time. Most artwork that I have done in my life has been drawing, consisting mainly of sketch work with a few big projects such portraits and landscapes. However, I do have some experience in other mediums such as video and digital art. Though I am not as skilled with these other mediums, at least not in my opinion.

2.) What would you say are the themes or subjects of your work? Personally, I prefer not to limit myself by constantly sticking to the same themes. I prefer to try to add a little variety to my work. However, I have had a tendency to lean towards contrasts (such as light and dark), silence, and what people think. My last 3 pieces of work included at least one of these themes. For instance, a body extension piece I did recently was entirely silent and a piece for the camera I created was entirely dark except for a few small lights. Though I would not want to make exclusive use of these themes, I would much prefer to branch out and tackle new areas of interest

3.) Can you speak to the conceptual underpinnings of your work in any media? The conceptual underpinnings of my work seem like they could work in many forms of media,…

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