Essay about My Experience At The Workplace

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Throughout this year I have had the amazing opportunity to be able to learn many things from my mentors and their employees. They have taught me professional ways of acting at the workplace such as dressing correctly and behaving appropriately for any situation that arises. I believe that just as much as my mentors have helped me I have helped my mentors be able to see different situations from a different perspective or helping my mentor decide if giving a class a test or homework is appropriate for that day. Now that I am coming upon the end of my senior year I couldn’t be any happier that I took the work based learning class because it has helped me gain real work experience and skills that can be applied to all areas of my life. A new knowledge or skill that I have learned from my internship is patience. Before I was very impatient and I had to do everything right away or else I would get frustrated and grouchy. I have observed Mr. Kreilein use patience with his students and it helped the students to be more open to learning a new subject that they might have struggled with had Mr. Kreilein not shown them patience. A skill that I have learned in high school that I have applied to my internship would be time management. I use this skill to get everything that Mr. Kreilein assigns to me done in a good amount of time. Even when Mr. Kreilein does not have something for me to do I use the extra time that I have to get homework from other classes done rather than waiting to…

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