My Experience At The Movie Theater Essay

924 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
On a late Friday night while I was hanging out with my friends at the movies I got an unexpected call. When I answered the phone call I instantly dropped my phone and started to weep hysterically. I felt like an huge piece of my life was suddenly taken away from me. I remembered the last time I saw her I did not even say good bye. My mind set was so out of its original state, and I could not even think or function properly for the next several days. She was always getting me out of trouble and always did fun things with me. Now when I look back on those earlier days it is all a blur. The same extremely horrible words just shuffled in my head over and over "I am sorry to tell you but your grandma died a hour ago and we would really like if you would do the eulogy". I was at the movie theatre when I received that dreadful phone call, and my dad came to pick me up from the movie as fast as he could. I left without letting any of my friends knowing where I went. Then we went to the house my grandma lived in, and I was devastated when they told me what happened. They told me she died from brain cancer and had a slow and painful death. My parents were in the same state of shock and devastating pain that I was in. Because me and my grandma were really close, my mom asked me to present a eulogy for her. I just thought about how I was even supposed to attempt to write a eulogy. I had just recently heard of the death of my grandma..I thought about if I would be able to speak…

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