Essay on My Experience At The Hot Summer Sun

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After a long, grueling work day in the hot summer sun, I am driving home up I55 north. Traffic has yet to become congested, so my ride home is smooth sailing. I am thrilled because I know the moment I get home and walk through that door, the weekend will officially start. Thoughts cross my mind of what I want to do once I make it home. Do I want to play drums, watch a movie, or play a game; then it hits me, there is an amazing deal on a new game that I desperately want called, Deep Black. I remember that it had gone on sale earlier this week. At this point, I cannot contain my excitement. Deep Black is an action/shooter that is themed mostly underneath the water. It is about an all-out war between two world powers, underwater! I find that concept extraordinary! To make things even better, it is eighty percent off! The more I contemplate it, the more eager I am to be home. I pull into our concrete driveway with the patience of an eight year old on Christmas Eve. I see the front door as I turn my truck off. Excitement floods my veins; I am almost to my objective. I jump out of my truck, and race up the driveway towards the door; I stop to check the mail on the way.
I reach the door, bounding through like I am being chased by a zombie from The Walking Dead. The weight of the work week falls from my shoulders. My mother, who is sitting in our spacious living room enjoying her latest health novel, asks, “Why are you in such a rush?” “On my way home, I remembered a game that I…

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