My Experience At The Fall Semester Course Essay

832 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
When I first signed up for the fall semester course English 101, I did not think much of it at first. I Simply thought it would be another writing course with boring prompts and no challenge similar to high school, but I was wrong. In this semester alone I learned more about writing mechanics, structure, heading, organizing and sourcing than I had previously in my high school career. This being said I was not prepared for this course and did not earn the grades I wanted, but I learned from all my mistakes as I wrote each paper it became slightly better. I feel that high school does not do an adequate job at preparing you for the difficulty and challenge that is created in this environment. As a student who did not study in high school much and did just enough to get B’s, which is more than just me I am sure of, I found this class much harder than any English class I had ever taken not because it is a college level course, but because it forced us to stretch and challenge ourselves, because it was not just another writing essay or boring book report, we wrote a variety of essays to help develop us as writers. But that does not necessarily mean I did not enjoy it, I enjoyed the difficulty but was not fond of the grades I received, but I will use this as a learning experience. The difficulty of this class I am referring to is the content required and the amount of detail needed to sufficiently describe or illustrate a good short story, author essay, critical…

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