Reflection On My Writing Class

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This summer I decided to take two courses at Western Piedmont Community College, so I could get ahead on my work. One of those classes was English 111. I was hesitant when beginning this class due to the fact that English has never been one of my strong suits. While I know exactly what I want to say, I’m not always able put it into the correct format. This was my biggest struggle when beginning this course. However now as I am working on my last assignment, I realize that this class has impacted my writing in many different ways. When you’re young, you think you understand the concept of writing. Telling a story by putting words on a paper. When we grow up though, we realize it’s much more complicated than we thought. There are many different formats and genres of writing. Each of them having their own specific set of rules. Over the course of this semester, I’ve had to write five papers including this one. Even though each one was written in a different genre, they all were required to use MLA formatting. Some of the genres used I had never used before, which required me to study them before I started. This allowed me to see the exact guidelines of properly writing a paper. When looking back on my entire portfolio I am able to see the writing of a more informed student. Before when writing a paper I would struggle with how to …show more content…
It was a Literacy Narrative of my past experiences with reading and writing. While it might not have been as organized as the others, I felt most connected to this paper due to the fact that it was about something I had actually experienced. It also dealt with what made me decide on my major of mechanical engineering. Being able to relate to the content of your essay is much easier when writing a paper. When you pick something yourself, it gives you the freedom of choosing something you’re enthusiastic about. This shows in your

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