My Experience At The Bus Loop Essay

1317 Words Oct 30th, 2016 6 Pages
I had got an uneasy feeling as I continued to walk towards the back of the bus loop. I had almost reached the end and I had not seen a single person from my bus pass by. I speed walk back to the bulletin board of buses and as I do, the crowd of students is dissipating into the busses till I am finally the last one out. I reached the board and saw my bus number was posted in the front, at the same time, I watched my bus leave the loop. I had missed my bus. Looking back at it now I am grateful I missed my bus or my relationship with a girl named Nicole would have never began. Nicole was an interesting girl I had met in a testing room. She made a great first impression on me during the testing breaks. After missing my bus I decided that this was going to be the day I was going to talk to Nicole since she usually stayed after school. I approached her and she greeted me and asked about my well-being. I told her I missed the bus and she was a bit perplexed on how happy I seemed after missing the bus. I told her “This could be an opportunity to make new friends.” So I walked with her to Subway where she was going to be picked up by her mom. At Subway, we talked and found out we have a lot in common like our deep interest in anime. The whole time we were talking there wasn 't a single moment I found myself uninterested. When her mom finally came we hugged goodbye and she left. I decided that I was going to date Nicole on that day, but there was one problem. One of my friends were…

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