Essay about My Experience At Tar Heels Football Games

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I was a young boy when it happened, didn 't think too much about it. One of the hardest events of my life occurred when I was about six years of age. I lived in Cary at the time, along with my younger sister, and my mom and dad. My favorite thing to do at the time was play my gaming system, and go to sporting events with my family. Sometimes we would go to Carolina Tar Heels football games, other times we would just go watch a local soccer game. Life was going great, and then one day my life changed. Things didn 't work out between my parents so they split up and I was living with my mom and sister in the house for a period of time. I was too young to know what to expect with my parents getting divorced, it isn 't the most crystal clear memory in my mind. One thing I remember was gazing out the window, thinking to myself, “Where is my dad going?” As I grew a bit older, I often wondered to myself why this event occurred and why it didn 't work out between my parents. To this day, I 'm still not 100% sure why they got divorced. Although this was an obstacle in my life for everyone in my family, I wasn 't going to let it get the best of me. My mom didn 't have a job at the time, but my dad was still a big part of our lives. My mom and dad both eventually bought their own houses in Raleigh, so we still got to see our dad every other weekend.
This event affected me in many ways, but they weren 't all negative. As I grew older and had more in depth views on the subject or divorce,…

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