Identity Characteristics

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The process to describing a person and understanding their identity can be quite challenging when actually comprehending their genetic interaction type of life style. The journey is interesting and helpful when we actually get down to the core idea of what makes a person who they are. However, the process became a lot easier with the idea of enlisting three traits to describe and make up a person’s identity. The three traits are Passive, Evocative, and Active. Within these three, we can fully understand why people act the way they do based on the environment that they were raised in. These three traits allows researches to examine a person personality or identity based on the life style that they parents lived and currently are living, and …show more content…
The first trait is known as the passive trait of a human being. This is where “Children inherit genetic tendencies from their parents, and parents also provide an environment that matches their own genetic tendencies” (Santrock, 2015, pg. 66). In which we can understand the reasoning as to why a child tends to choose the sport or activity that they want to master when they are growing up. Based on the reasoning that they want to be like their parents, and the parents want them to be like them when they were younger. Thus, promoting the parent to provide an environment that is healthy for they to master that sport or talent. As well as allowing the child to understand that they now have all the tools they need to excel in that talent or sport.
The second trait is more in depth to fully understanding the characteristic of a child and the support that they receive in the process. . Evocative is known for, “The child’s genetic tendencies elicit stimulation from the environment that supports a particular trait. Thus genes evoke environmental support” (Santrock, 2015, pg.66). Allowing the child to undertand that based off of how they parents act and behave. Their genetic response is to master and copy the behavior that is being portrayed. In hopes to receive the same outcome as their parents do when associating themselves with their friends.
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We are always wanting to find a way to look into understanding people and these three traits sum down the reasoning to the way people behave. Personally, the passive trait was that I was more athletically incline to be a great athlete as my father once was when he played college ball. Thus, I was promoted to reach that goal due to the support and the tools that my father provided to allowing to further excel in the sport that I loved to play. The Evocative trait of my life consisted of having a mother that was always outgoing and responsible to making people laugh and have a good time when socializing herself with her friends. Which prompted me to want that same reaction and became a good feeling knowing that I was getting the same reaction that my mother was receiving when Socializing with my friends. The last trait, active trait, was related back to the idea of becoming a great athlete like my father was back in college. In which I spent most of my time at a practice field or in the weight room to further chances to playing and starting the game on the weekends. Thus, allowing me to reach that level of expertize in the sport that I loved to play. In assents, these traits are great when fully understanding the reasoning as to why I behave the way I do. Primarely, because of the idea of what environment that I was placed in when I first entered

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