My Experience At Professor Tapleshays Class Essay

705 Words Sep 8th, 2016 3 Pages
English 1A in professor Tapleshays class has been very interesting. My experience so far has not been what I expected it to be. My thought was that we were going to start reading right away. I didn 't expect it to be such a fun learning environment. I 've always enjoyed english. I may not understand it completely nor be great at it but it 's a fun subject. You learn something different every day. It can be a difficult language if it is not read or written properly . By observing the way you talk and express yourself I can see i 'm going to learn quite a lot of things not only from you but also from my classmates. I love the fact that you interact with your students and you joke around but yet stay on top of things. You don 't change the subject to a whole new thing. You go on with it and try to make explain your point of view. Then after you get our point of view on the subject not just from one student but from multiple students. I met about 33 new people last week. They all seem very nice and interesting. It was a little awkward at first but then after like the first 10 people I got use to it. I 'm glad we got to meet each other. The reason being for that is because now we have a bigger chance of talking to each other outside of class. If someone ever misses class he/she can ask any of us 34 students what they missed and get the notes from them or e-mail you. The way we met each other was actually pretty fun. First off we learned everyone 's name. The ones that really…

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