Essay about My Experience At Kutztown University Psychology

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My education background currently consists of a High School diploma in June 2012, along with a Bachelor of Science degree from Kutztown University in May 2016. During my undergrad experience at Kutztown University my primary education of study was clinical psychology and sociology. However I was also involved in many activities that contribute to my learning along with additional extracurricular activities I roughly enjoyed throughout not only my college experience, but also throughout my high school education as well. Some activities I pursued within my undergrad career that interacted with my educational and academic interest included, becoming a research assistant for a professor on campus and joining the Kutztown University Psychology Club. For my research assistantship I decided to work along side Dr. Best in which we both analyzed emotion recognition within children. This particular research involved Dr. Best and I to do a number of activities, such investigating multiple research articles that were similar to our inquiry, creating our own hypothesis and experiment, to collecting data from a local daycare center and analyzing our results. Overall by working with Dr. Best I’ve expanded my growth in experimental studies, by statistically using measurements and practicing psychological methods outside of a classroom and in a real world setting. I also developed a strong appreciation for research studies, which provoked my interests within the psychology field/careers.…

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