Essay on My Experience At Green Mountain Elementary

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Cindy Jaquay was my fifth and sixth grade teacher, she currently works at Green Mountain elementary. She did a great job of preparing us sixth graders for the transition into middle school. What’s very unique about her class is that she trains seeing eye dogs and actually has them in the classroom during the school day.

Mrs. Jaquay got her early childhood Associates degree at Olympic College and then taught at a preschool for seven years then was a para educator for ten years before joining Western Washington’s satellite program and getting her teaching degree through them. Originally she did not want to become a teacher because her mother and two of her sisters were also teachers, but once she had kids she realized that she really enjoyed children and sought out the teaching field. She chose to teach fifth and sixth grade because she can joke around with her students and they get it and also because they are more independent so she can have multiple groups doing things and not worry about it. Although they are more independent she chose this grade because they’re still kids and they’re still innocent. Mrs. Jaquay has been teaching for 15 years and said that the most prominent negative in teaching is the extra hours’ teachers put in. She talked about how people see teachers only working seven hours a day, but don’t recognize that before school starts they have to set up the classroom, have to buy a lot of the classroom supplies (like bookshelves), grading, getting…

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