My Experience At An Authorized T Mobile Kiosk At The Seasons Marketplace

1034 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Sales and retail is perhaps if most interesting profession I’ve ever encountered in my life. Especially when the job calls for constant interaction and always throwing out trained sales pitches to hundreds of people every month, you start to gain experience in talking and interacting with others. And where I’m currently located at, which is this large semi-mall and supermarket, the people that walk by are all extremely different in every way possible, but you start to see what makes them tick, what interests them. It take’s a broad amount of knowledge and experience to take on a salesman position and successfully sell adequately to the masses. Encountering a large amount of individuals every day at my sales positions allowed me to gain this “case of disguises” in a way with my language, enabling me to socially adapt to whatever situation a certain discourse required. Right out of high school, I was hired at an authorized T-Mobile kiosk at the Seasons Marketplace, which is an asian supermarket and mini mall located extremely close to my house fortunately. I was never a social person coming out of high school, but I had this huge passion for tech. Working at a communication heavy job with barely any social experience would prove to be extremely difficult. To make matters even more burdensome, I had no professional training when coming into work. So I would have extremely awkward conversations with people passing by without any knowledge of the plans i’m selling. Turning down…

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