My Educational Philosophies Of Education Essay example

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My Educational Philosophies Every educator has different priorities for their students. Some believe that test scores and book knowledge are the end all goal. Others wish to let their students experiment and learn about concepts they cannot be tested on. As a teacher, I hope to never become overly preoccupied by test scores. My main priority is for my students to leave my classroom with knowledge, a love of learning, and the ability to investigate. Since I believe that these concepts are my goal, I fall most in line with the Constructivism and Progressivism philosophies. I believe that Progressivism is one of the most important philosophies because not all learning can be derived from a book and reproduced on a test paper. People absorb most from their experiences. If we give our students the chance to experiment and learn in ways they enjoy we will see amazing results. When I was in middle school my class was very small and we often got to choose what and how we wanted to learn. It was a classroom based very much off of democracy which is a main idea of Progressivism. Many times my peers and I chose competitions, experiments, and group projects over worksheets. I still remember the concepts I learned from the activities too. Once, we went to a courtroom and got to present a case to Judge Aboulhosn as lawyers and witnesses. We built many towers out of food and super glue to test how much weight they could hold. Although these activities might sound like games they taught…

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