What Role Did Women Play In The Progressive Movement Essay

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Kelton Clark
History 2300
Exam #1
Question:Define Progressivism. What role did women play in the Progressive movement? What were the Progressives’ goals?

Progressivism is a very interesting topic within history that had a big impact overall. It overall really supported social reform. It came about during the Age of Enlightenment Era, in which this social reform became prominent. In simpler terms Progressivism can be defined as the support that was given behind the social reform. This was very important in shaping America as well. Through women having their own specific role and breaking down their goals piece by piece we will be able to unfold the intentions of progressivism. Progressivism ultimately changed the U.S. permanently, by playing
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The main role of women during this time was to be housewives and mothers. Poorer mothers had to do small amounts of work such as sweatshops but for the most part they just were housewives. But they were huge in reformers, meaning they had big impact on types of reform. Many women pushed for the prohibition of alcohol. Many women believed the labor laws of children should be improved so labor unions were formed. Women also push for better paying jobs, because the wages they were getting paid were very low. And one major thing women impacted during this movement was women’s suffrage. Many women wanted the right to vote during this time. They mainly focused on all aspects that would appeal to mothers and wives. Things they all aspired to do or want to change. By doing this, gave women a very prominent role in progressivism movement today. Many by which are still in to play to this day. They paved a way for future women and future America. They increased opportunities for themselves which was great. Gave some women the ability to actually carry out a profession! Although activists did not agree with the same values, women were a major key in this movement. All in all above I mentioned what this movement was about, the goals, and women’s role in it. This movement will remain a huge staple in history by helping us today have all these things they worked hard for, in everyone’s everyday life

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