Personal Narrative Essay: Coming To The US

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Once upon a time, there was the most adorable and handsome baby boy ever born in Lomé, Togo. This baby’s name just happened to be Kodjo Dijfa Junior Alodjinou and he was born into a big loving family. At the time of this baby’s birth, he had two sisters and one brother. His parents weren’t done expanding the family and they knew that with their desire for huge family, they also had to do all that was possible to ensure their kids had the chance at a life where they would have the opportunity to become anything they desired in their life. Unfortunately, the land where they could find this kind of life wasn’t at home. It was a whole new unforeseen world far and far away. They knew in Montgomery County Maryland, USA they would find new traditions, …show more content…
My determined parents willing to do anything for their children weren’t going to let any challenges stop them from achieving their goals. By the time I was six years old, I now had younger brother name Yao and my parents were putting final touches on their plan to immigrate to the US. Coming to America wasn’t easy for my family but we didn’t let that stop us from ceasing the opportunity we were presented with. We had accepted the challenge and there was no way we were going to turn our backs on it. My coming of age has been influenced by my mother’s sacrifices and father’s sacrifices to their children’s future.
My beautiful mother is the number one human being I look up too. Her never ending love for her children/lessons on life have a huge effect on the person I am today. Back home in Togo, my mother was living her dream life. All of her life, she wanted to own her own shop at the market and sell goods such as jewelry, silk and traditional
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Similar to my mother, my father was living his dream in Lomé. He had his dream job as an officer in the military, living a comfortable wealthy life in his homeland. He gave all of that up for his children. He now has a job at Target and Coco Cola working day and night to ensure Ina, Yao, Kodjo, Herve, Abla, and Honorine have a roof over their head, food on the table and clothes on their back. His sacrifice has imprinted what a man ought to do for his family in my view. Seeing my father take my family from being sleeping on another family’s couch to having our own townhouse has been a great source of inspiration. I have developed the state of mind that you need to work for what you want in life and your rewards will come for the amount of effort you put towards what you want. This has come from my father sacrifices. The standards he set pushed me to work very hard in high school, take challenging courses, and get involved in my community which I knew would help me to get accepted to Towson University. My parents sacrifice for their children has been successful because it has changed my life.
My coming of age is what makes me who I am today and that is due to my parents. What they have done for me and my brothers, siblings have helped to keep me in check and focuses on the purpose of our immigration to America. They wanted to give us a chance

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