Why I Want To Study

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I was brought to the United States at a young age with my mother hoping to reunite with my father who had left China years earlier to pursue his vision of the “American dream”. Like many immigrant parents, my father recognized early on that he would have the chance to enjoy the “dream” that he worked so hard and sacrificed so much for. My parents abandoned their personal aspirations to ensure that both my brother and I would be able to live a life filled with opportunities that they could never dream of. Their selflessness and immutable work ethic is the reason why I am able to be the first in my family to attend college. The struggles that my parents faced in creating a new life in America has created so opportunities for me that I am forever grateful for. As I contemplated whether or not to study abroad, one of the biggest concerns that arose was the financial impact it would have on my parents. I wanted to pursue an international education to further my studies in a global context while also immersing myself within a culture …show more content…
Studying abroad would help to foster a “global” perspective that I passionately desire and grant me the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with individuals from all over the world. I want to utilize the experience to not only enrich my academic experience but to assist me in working to leave a lasting impact on the world. The experience will undeniably cement a deep connection with the culture that I come from and strengthen my identity as an Asian American. I see immense potential for personal growth through studying abroad and the Gilman Scholarship would help me to seize full advantage of every opportunity. The scholarship would help me to overcome the financial obstacles and assist me in achieving the goals that I have set for

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