My Dream Job Paragraph

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My dream job Author:Osage McCuen
My dream job. My job I want and keep forever. My job in my job of me having. That is why it is called a dream job. I am here to tell u about it. I really want it so bad. I am doing camp and middle school teams. I am about to do it in high school when I get there. I maybe will get it college. Some people say you have to try out for athletes and a lot of sports you do that.
My dream job as you know now is to be an athlete but what sport. Well, I am a big football fan. As you know I have gone to camps and did middle school football now I about to do high school and then maybe college and then the NFL. I am good with any team for camps and middle school and high school and college. For NFL,
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If I don’t go to college or the NFL I will be a mailman. They pay pretty well for an easy job. It will be hard to get to NFL or college so I got an plan for not going to college and get a job. The going to college then what job I will have I will not know. All I really want is NFL or a 5-year college job. So I got a little plan for non-NFL but when to college.
My dream job. As you can see will be hard to get. I got the plan but not full 100% good plan. I like challenges but this one is going to be a really hard one. Going to need to do a lot of different stuff. Like I need to get better at football and make sure to keep studying and stay smart. So many things to do just for one job. I also have to start as a rookie and also need to make my way up to a starter. My dream job the hardest job to get.
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